Business Debit Card Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary changes associated with the new Business Debit Card?

The primary changes are:
  • Newly designed Business Debit Card appearance.
  • Each Business Debit Card holder will be issued a separate debit card number.
  • One ScoreCard Reward Point earned for each $3 in purchases.
  • Regulation E does not apply to the Business Debit Card for unauthorized PIN-based transactions, i.e. fraud.

Why does Regulation E not apply to Business Debit Cards?

The Business Debit Card is viewed as a commercial card rather than a consumer card. Consumer cards only receive the benefit of Regulation E protection for unauthorized PIN-based transactions. Refer to the Business Debit Card Terms & Disclosure Agreement (PDF) for more information.

Since each Business Debit Card number is different, what changes does this bring?

A lost or stolen Business Debit Card can now be reissued one card at a time, meaning that all cards on the Business Account do not have to be cancelled and re-ordered.

How do the ScoreCard Reward Points work for different Business Debit Card numbers?

Exactly like the ScoreCard program on the Gold and Platinum cards except the Business Check spends $3 to get one point. However, because of separate account numbers the points will accrue separately for each card.

How are the Business Debit Card ScoreCard points combined?

Inquire through our Contact Center, or visit a branch for more information.

How are the ScoreCard Points redeemed?

To check your accumulated points or redeem points for rewards:

Does the card qualify for Rainbow Rewards?


What happens if, by using my Debit Card, I overdraw my Business checking account?

Funds (excluding the $25.00 minimum balance) will automatically transfer from the Business savings account to checking to cover the overdraft up to six times per month. Existing Courtesy Pay practices also apply.

Is there a Business Debit Card fee?

There is no monthly fee. Please refer to the current fee schedule for applicable Business Debit Card fees.

*Every three dollars in qualifying purchase transactions minus returns ("Net Purchases") that you make with an Elevations Business Debit Card earns one point. No points are earned for finance charges, fees, cash advances, foreign transaction currency conversion charges, ATM withdrawals, or insurance charges posted to your account. Call ScoreCard at 800.854.0790 for complete information about rewards.