Disputes & Fraud for Personal or Business Transactions


At Elevations, we are concerned about your security.

In times when you feel that your account may have been fraudulently tampered with or you have been charged for something that you didn't pay for, we're here for you.  Please follow the below steps to dispute a charge or report a fraudulent transaction on your debit card or credit card.

Dispute a Charge / Report a Fraudulent Transaction

Possible reasons for a dispute may include: being double charged by a merchant, if you cancelled a service but the merchant continued to charge you, if you paid by other means but were still charged on this card.

Fraudulent transactions can often be a result of counterfeit or skimmed cards, computer breaches, or your card may have been lost or stolen and someone used it. As a member convenience, Elevations fraud monitoring service monitors your account for potential fraud. However, if you have unauthorized charges on your debit card or credit card this may be the result of a fraudulent transaction.

STEP 1 - Fax your Dispute or Fraud claim:

A. Complete the appropriate forms:

  • Disputes: Dispute Form (PDF)
  • Fraudulent Transaction: 
    Complete the Fidelity Fraud Form (PDF) for any transactions that have actually posted to your account.
    Please do not complete an affidavit for pending transactions because we must verify that transactions have posted before opening a case. 
    Fidelity cannot see transactions that have posted to your account until the following business day.

B. For signature based transactions, fax forms to 1.800.253.1220. For PIN based transactions, fax forms to 303.402.5180. After your fax goes through, please keep the confirmation sheet from your fax machine that says the fax went through successfully.

STEP 2 - Still have questions? Please call:

Fidelity's One Call Resolution number at: 800.600.5249

Hours: Mon-Fri: 6:00am -7:00pm MST

If calling after-hours, please use: 866.446.0771

International Inquiries (please call collect): 727.227.2940

Note: All disputes must be received by Fidelity within 60 days of the statement on which the disputed item appears. If your disputed transaction is past that time frame you will need to resolve the matter directly with the merchant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to resolve a Visa dispute or fraud?
All signature based disputes are handled by Fidelity, our Visa dispute and fraud service provider. Depending upon the nature of the dispute, finalization can take 1-6 months. Fraud/Disputes must be started within 60 days of the transaction date. In order to expedite this process, please call fill out the Dispute Form (PDF) or
Fraud Form (PDF) and fax it to 1.800.253.1220 -or- call 
Fidelity at 800.600.5249.

How can I research Visa purchases appearing on my statement?
There is often a phone number associated with the charge. Calling the merchant is the first step in your research. If you still do not recognize the charge, you may want to begin the fraud/dispute process (see above).

When will I receive reimbursement for a disputed or fraudulent Visa charge?
Credit to your account depends upon how quickly you complete the required forms and return them to Fidelity. Once the forms have been received, credit will be posted to your account within 2 to 5 business days. This credit is issued on a provisional basis until the dispute is resolved. If you do not complete the required forms this credit may be removed from your account. Provisional credit is provided until the dispute is resolved.

Why do you post fraudulent or unauthorized Visa charges?
Elevations Credit Union is obligated by Visa regulations to post all signature based transactions that receive an approval code.

If my card is Lost/Stolen and I have it reissued will the PIN stay the same?
No. You will receive a new computer generated PIN for your new card number sent to you by mail. The PIN will arrive in the mail approximately 3-5 business days after receiving the card.

How do I report fraud or dispute a charge on my HSA debit card?
The process to report a fraud or dispute a charge is the same for a HSA debit card as it is for any other type of card. Please follow the instructions at the top of this page.