Business Mobile & Online Banking

Our new digital banking platform for business provides members with real-time access to and control of their accounts.

This new tool provides you with an intuitive, cutting edge interface with features such as:

Bill Pay

Our new online bill pay for businesses allows you to pay bills quickly and securely, when and where you want. No more writing checks, stamping envelopes and mailing payments. 

  • No monthly fee.
  • First five payments each month are free. After that, payments are only $1 each. 
  • Make accurate and on-time payments. 
  • Pay bills from multiple accounts.
  • View payment history.

To get started, log in to digital banking from your desktop or mobile device and select "Bill Pay." 

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (mRDC) & Remote Deposit Capture

Spend less time at the bank and more time running your business by electronically depositing checks from the convenience of your smartphone or desk. If your business receives checks as payment, Elevations has two unique check deposit solutions designed to save you time and money.

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (mRDC)
  • Free to all business banking members.
  • Allows users to make deposits using our mobile app for either iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android in less than two minutes. 
  • Secure and reliable.
  • Make mobile deposits in three easy steps: enter the amount, snap photos of the check with your mobile device and submit -- it's that easy. 
Remote Deposit Capture
  • Using a special desktop scanner and our online banking interface, make deposits from your home or office quickly and securely. 
  • Deposit multiple checks in a single transaction. 
  • Improve cash balances and accounts receivable collection times by scanning and depositing checks immediately upon receipt. 
  • Access your deposits and images of deposited items through your online banking account. 
  • We offer Remote Deposit Capture for qualified business banking members for a fee. Please contact your business banker directly or call us at 303.443.4672 x1620 for more information.

ACH Payments

Save time and money with Elevations ACH Origination Service, all while eliminating the need for paper checks. Today's small business owners rely on ACH (Automated Clearing House) to make and receive payments. ACH streamlines the payment process by eliminating paper checks, improving efficiency and enhancing your ability to stay on top of cash flow.

We offer ACH for qualified business banking members for a fee. Please contact your business banker directly or call us at 303.443.4672 x1620 for more information.

Transfer Funds

With digital banking for business, you can establish both one-time and recurring funds transfers between your Elevations business shares* and loans* accounts. Additionally, you can transfer funds between other linked Elevations accounts**.

To get started, log in to your online or mobile banking business account.

*Limitations apply. Not all shares and loans are eligible for both debt and credit transfers.
** Inter-account linking available upon request and subject to underwriting.

Wire Transfers

You can move money across the country or around the world quickly, reliably and securely with wire transfers. Wire transfers are great for making time-sensitive and one-time payments.

Elevations offers both domestic and international wires. Domestic wire transfers can be initiated in-branch, by fax or through online banking for business. International wire transfers can only be initiated in-branch. 

  • Make or receive domestic & international payments.
  • Immediately move funds quickly for business needs.
  • Built-in safeguards to ensure accurate, safe and confidential transfer of funds. 
  • Repeating transfer options.
  • Automated batch input. 

Transmissions to U.S. locations usually reach their destination in 1-2 business days. International transmissions may take longer. 

Incoming Wire Transfers

To receive funds to your Elevations Credit Union business account from another financial institution, you will need to supply the initiating institution with the following information. There is a $10 fee for incoming wire transfers.**

Bank to Receive Wire

Elevations Credit Union
2960 Diagonal Highway
Boulder, CO 80301

Phone Number

Routing Number

Final Credit

Beneficiary name*
Account number*

Elevations Credit Union does not have a Swift Code, IBAN or other international routing number for wires coming from outside the U.S. You are able to wire funds to your Elevations account without this information. Your international financial institution will have a corresponding bank in the U.S. they can wire to, which will forward the funds to Elevations.

*For checking deposits: Member's name, address and account number as it appears on the bottom of your business check. For instructions on wiring to an account other than your business checking account, please contact member services. 

**Please see our Fee Schedule for more information.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer

To send a wire transfer to another domestic financial institution, please complete this form: Domestic Wire Request (PDF). Once completed, please return the form to any Elevations Credit Union branch or fax it to 303.402.5197, Attention: Payment Services.

You can also set up a domestic wire transfer through online banking. To do so, log in to your account and navigate to Wire Transfers in the Make a Payment tab. 

For domestic wire transfers, a fee of $15.00 will be charged per wire transfer submitted through online banking; a fee of $20.00 will be charged per wire transfer submitted in-branch or via fax.**

Outgoing International Wire Transfer**

To send a wire transfer to an international financial institution, please complete this form: Outgoing International Wire Transfer Request Form (PDF). Once completed, please return the form to any Elevations Credit Union branch.

For international wire transfers, a fee of $45.00 will be charged per wire transfer submitted.** Please note, you cannot submit international wire transfers via online banking or fax at this time. 

Please note: Notary is required for all faxed and in-branch wire transfer requests. 

**Please see our Fee Schedule for more information.  

Account Alerts

Know what's going on with your account at all times. Our online banking for business platform allows you to keep track of account details and receive account alerts for free (messaging data rates may apply), so you're always in the know. 

Account alerts help you avoid surprises

Convenient and customizable, free business account alerts notify you when certain activities have taken place. You choose which alerts you want to receive and how you want to receive them -- via email, text message or push notifications. Alerts can help you:

  • Prevent overdrafts.
  • Know when to move funds between accounts.
  • Confirm payments, transfers and deposits. 

You can choose from different types of alerts, including:

  • Current balance.
  • Insufficient funds.
  • Account balance less than a specified amount. 

Authorized Users

If you need to provide online banking access to one of your employees or partners, you can set them up as an authorized user. Please note there is a small monthly fee of $3 for each additional user.

You can control what rights and permissions an authorized user has at both an account and transactional level. Users may be authorized to perform transactions or to submit transactions to you for approval in order to meet all of your internal control requirements. This allows you to provide a secure way for other users to log in and help manage your accounts without using your own personal log in credentials.

Note that if you provide access to an authorized user, you are responsible for all of the transactions they conduct as well as monitoring their credentials and access privileges. 

Tax Payments

We want to help make paying your taxes as easy and convenient as possible. That's why we give our business users the ability to make certain state and federal tax payments electronically through online banking for business at no charge. It's fast, secure and easy. 

If you have any questions about how electronic payments work visit If you need assistance, please call 303.443.4672.

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Call us at 800.429.7626 or request a follow up from our Business Banking Team.

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