Membership Savings

Want your savings to make a difference?

Earn 0.05% APY*

A new house. A vacation. An emergency fund. A new business. Choose a federally insured savings account with no monthly fees that makes it simple and straightforward to reach your goals. And when you keep your savings with Elevations, you’ll know your money helps make a positive impact right here at home.

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Membership Savings Account features:

  • $0 monthly fees

  • $25 opening deposit

  • $25 minimum balance that serves as your membership at Elevations

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Open a Membership Savings Account.

The $25 you deposit and keep in your Membership Savings Account gets you started as a member of Elevations and gives you access to all of our products and benefits. Think of it as your lifetime membership stake in our credit union.

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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield.