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Elevations Energy Loans in Boulder/Denver Counties

Elevations Credit Union is committing $35 million in financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades for homes and businesses in Boulder County and the City/County of Denver. 

Energy loans are made possible through Elevations Credit Union, in conjunction with the grant-funded EnergySmart and Denver Energy Challenge services. Boulder and Denver Counties have set aside nearly $8 million of the grant funds to create a finance program to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings and stimulate local economic growth.

Energy loans can be used for a wide range of upgrades, including insulation, air sealing, heating, cooling, water heating, windows/doors, roofing, solar/ renewable energy, appliances, lighting and energy management. In order to qualify for Solar Photovoltaic and other renewable energy measures under this loan, borrowers must achieve 15% energy savings to the property through the respective programs. 

In addition to Elevations loan officers, loan applications are reviewed by the EnergySmart or Denver Energy Challenge energy advisors to ensure these projects qualify. All applicants are required to sign-up for either the EnergySmart or Denver Energy Challenge service depending on property location and are encouraged to utilize the services of energy advisors. These programs offer energy advising to assist residents and businesses in finding the most beneficial energy upgrades to improve comfort and reduce costs for each participant. Advisors can also help participants locate contractors, compare bids, and take advantage of any available rebates and incentives.

(NEW) Elevations Energy Loans in Fort Collins

Elevations is now offering its Energy loan program to the City of Fort Collins Utilities Customers with Electric and Water Services.  Elevations will be now originating, funding, and servicing new Fort Collins Home Energy Loan Program Loans (HELP) and Business Energy Loans for customers to the City of Fort Collins Utilities.

EnergySmart in Boulder County      

EnergySmart is the easy way to a more energy efficient and comfortable home or business that saves energy and money. Read more about this service.

The Denver Energy Challenge      

The Denver Energy Challenge in the City & County of Denver makes it easy to cut energy waste, save money and increase the comfort and indoor air quality of your home or business. Read more about this service.

Certifiably Green Denver

Certifiably Green Denver can help you prioritize your energy saving projects, find contractors and identify available rebates. Read more about this service.

Energy Efficiency Events & Seminars

Elevations conducts over 80 financial education seminars each year and has added an energy efficiency panel discussion program to the schedule. Check the current events and seminars calendar for upcoming dates.

In addition, Elevations partners with other local organizations focused on reducing Colorado's carbon footprint, including: 

  • 10 for Change
  • Center for ReSource Conservation
  • Colorado Green Building Guild
  • Eco-Cycle Zero Waste Initiative
  • GreenStar Schools Program
  • Growing Gardens
  • US Green Building Council

Elevations Green Policy Statement

Adopted by the Board of Directors on December 23, 2008

Elevations Credit Union is committed to minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment and promoting the understanding of sustainability throughout your Credit Union. We will seek ways to reduce our environmental impact by reducing waste and utilities usage by implementing enhanced recycling programs, green cleaning programs and utilize recycled materials whenever possible. Our green policy is consistent with our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship and best management practices.

We endeavor to educate and encourage our staff and membership to adopt environmentally responsible practices. In partnership with Eco-Cycle, Xcel Energy, Boulder Green Buildings Guild, and The Climate Smart Program, we will continually seek ways to implement best practices as outlined by the U.S. Green Buildings Council and all relevant environmental legislation.

Elevations Energy Reduction Efforts      

As an active member and participant with Xcel Energy and the City of Boulder's energy efficiency programs, Elevations has reduced its carbon footprint by 19 percent, and reduced energy consumption by 19 percent. Elevations also implemented industry standard best practices and worked with local energy management specialists, EMC Engineers, to develop a variety of green programs that helped us achieve these impressive reductions. Elevations has developed strong relationships in the community with Timberline Mechanical, Eco-Cycle, Xcel Energy, Colorado Green Buildings Guild, EnergySmart, and Boulder’s 10 for Change initiative, which has spurred a commitment to reduce energy usage.

Elevations began its reduction efforts in 2004 using an innovative and holistic approach working with EMC Engineers. This partnership has become more than just a client/vendor relationship. Together, we have achieved many of our environmental goals including: 

  • Implementation of carbon footprint measurements and benchmarking processes in order to track, analyze, and improve reduction efforts
  • Implementation of industry standard energy conservation “best practices”
  • Installation of high efficiency HVAC units in our Wilderness Peaks Support Center and Boulder Baseline locations
  • Implementation of water usage reduction “best practice” for restrooms and irrigation systems
  • Installation of motion sensors and timers for lighting systems
  • Upgrading of automated lighting and HVAC control systems
  • Current expansion of recycling, green cleaning and green pest control programs
  • Active participant in Boulder’s “Smart Grid” program utilizing “Smart Meter” technology.
Elevations' latest project involves the modeling and benchmarking of the energy efficiency of our data center. We hope to see a 50 percent decrease in energy usage. So far in 2011, our many conservation efforts have resulted in significant environmental savings including:

  • 1,618 gallons of gasoline
  • 47 tons of greenhouse gas emissions
  • The equivalent of eight cars removed from the road in a year
  • 275 pounds of toxic air pollutants
  • 24 pounds of water pollution
  • The prevention of the release of 84 pounds of toxic herbicides
  • The prevention of the release of 29,357 pounds of substances harmful to human health.

The use of Denver and County of Denver Energy Challenge Logo is by permission granted from the City and County of Denver, all rights reserved. The use of the EnergySmart Logo is by permission granted from Boulder County, all rights reserved.