Elevations Local Change

Donate your change for local COVID-19 relief. We’ll match it.

Enrolling your debit card in Elevations Local Change is a simple way to give back. Your purchases get rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the extra change goes to our Community Relief Fund(opens in a new window) with a matching donation from Elevations. Because giving back should be that simple.

Help us support families in need with quality child care this month. We’ll match your donation.

Every month, Elevations Local Change donates your change to two local organizations. This August, your donation will help provide quality child care for workers in need through Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County, and YWCA Boulder County.

Elevations Local Change details:

  • If you have an Elevations debit card, you can be a part of Elevations Local Change (just let us know if you need a new debit card)

  • When enrolled, transactions made with your debit card are rounded up to the nearest dollar

  • Each day, the total change from the previous day's transactions will be securely deposited to Elevations Foundation as a single donation

  • Elevations Foundation will channel your donations through the end of 2020 to its Community Relief Fund(opens in a new window), going to two designated organizations each month supporting those impacted by the COVID-19 crisis in our community

  • Elevations Credit Union will match your Local Change donations through the end of 2020

  • You can set a monthly donation cap, and you may change the cap at any time

  • Your donation may be tax deductible; please check with your qualified tax advisor

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How it works:

Enroll in Local Change.

Complete the form on this page to round up your Elevations debit card purchases.

Make a difference.

Your extra change supports those impacted by the COVID-19 crisis locally through Elevations Foundation’s Community Relief Fund.

Get a match.

Elevations Credit Union will match all Local Change donations made this year so that each penny goes further.

Enroll in Elevations Local Change

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“Your leadership and generosity in addressing these current challenges will make a vital difference for our community and for our health care colleagues.” - Erica Siemers, Regional Executive Director, UC Health Foundation Northern Colorado