Opt-In for Our Over the Limit Service


Effective February 22, 2010, you must opt-in to continue to receive your over-the-limit credit card protection service. By opting in, you give the credit union permission to approve credit card transactions for up to 5% over your credit limit. Without this coverage, you run the risk of having your credit card rejected at the register.

An over-the-limit fee of $35 will be charged only once per billing cycle in which credit limit is exceeded. Please see our Associated Fees page for more information.

There are a variety of ways to contact us to opt-in for our over-the-limit service. Please select the option that is the most convenient for you:

A. Contact us via secure chat or email through online banking

Step 1: Log into online banking.

Step 2: Once you are in your account, select the Secure Chat or Support link in the top right hand corner of online banking


B. Contact a Member Service Representative by phone

C. Visit an Elevations branch