Elevations is Opening New Branches

Notice: From now until March 22, 2014, Elevations will be donating $1 for every visitor and $25 for each new loan or account opened at our new Louisville branch (up to $5,000). Donations will go to Foothills United Way and Clinica Family Health Services, two great organizations that make a difference in this community. We invite you to stop by!

New Branches

We’re pleased to announce that our new Louisville branch, located at 300 McCaslin Blvd., is now open! As well, we've moved our Loveland branch to a better location (970 E. Eisenhower Blvd.). Thank you for continuing to give us your feedback on how we can make Elevations Credit Union a better place to bank. It’s because of your comments that we’re able to bring you a better branch experience.

These new branches aren't your typical branches, they are based on the latest technology and services to help make banking faster and easier. The branches will have:

  • Financial Service Guides who can help you with any of your needs from assisting with a teller transaction to a loan
  • A local vibe, tailored to the community each branch serves
  • Better technology in the branches including better ATM functionality, iPads and tablets
  • Better use of space throughout the branch, allowing us to reduce the branch size to approximately half of some of our current branches
  • The same great, friendly staff you’ve come to expect from Elevations
We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, so we wanted to share with you some of our architectural drawings!


The illustration below is what you will see when you walk into one of the new branches. On the wall in the waiting area you’ll notice facts about what Elevations is doing in the community.

Elevations Bar and Transaction Pod:

The illustration below shows the new Elevations Bar (left) where you can learn about Elevations services and more! You can also meet with a Financial Services Guide to assist you with online banking or mobile banking. The new transaction pod (right) is where you can conduct any teller type transaction you need to do.


We will have multifunctional offices in the branches where you can meet with a Financial Services Guide, one of our Wealth Management Financial Advisors, or a member of our mortgage team. And the wood paneling you see is reclaimed Beetle Kill Pine.

Stay tuned over the following months as we will continue to update you with information on these new branches.