Why We Are Best for Students


We're Not-For-Profit

Banks are in business to make a profit. They know that most students are new to managing their finances. Some banks see an opportunity to profit by charging high fees when students make banking mistakes, apply for credit cards for the first time, or need to use services frequently.

Elevations Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative. If our members are successful, then we will be successful. We don't charge as many fees as our competitors, and we make every effort to help you avoid banking mistakes. 

We're More Convenient for Students

Elevations Credit Union  Other Banks 
UMC Branch on campus None
Turn your Buff OneCard student ID into an ATM card. Not Available
9 Free ATM's on Campus 2 bank ATMs on campus surcharge non-customers. The rest are operated by independent contractors, and surcharge.
Over 30,000 Free ATMs Nationwide Most banks have thousands less ATMs 

We're Committed to CU Students' Financial Success

Elevations Credit Union is your source of unbiased consumer and financial information. We provide one-on-one financial counseling, seminars, and educational programs for college students. We also offer student online banking accounts. Elevations Credit Union is more than a bank, we assist students in making informed financial and life decisions.