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Elevations Credit Union offers you many check design options to help you express your personality.

Is this your first box? Or are you re-ordering?

Ordering your first box of checks (or haven't ordered checks since 2010)

Step 1: Go to the Harland Clarke online catalog to browse check designs, or, select from the custom design options below.

Step 2: Come into an Elevations branch, or, call a Member Service Representative at 303.443.4672 or 800.429.7626 to place your order.

Re-Ordering Checks

Order Online: ordermychecks.com

Order by phone: 800.355.8123

All check orders include:

  • Top-bound checks with carbon-less duplicates for easy record keeping. (5 check pads per box. 120 checks)
  • 20 deposit slips
  • Checkbook register
  • Vinyl checkbook cover with first order
  • Security features including:  Safety and color signal paper (specially treated paper to indicate chemical tampering), padlock icon and security checklist (directing reader to complete a list of security features included on the check), micro-print signature line (signature line appears like a broken line if the check has been photocopied)

Custom design options:

In addition to the many design options offered on Harland Clarke's
online catalog, we offer local, custom Front Range and CU-Boulder themes.

Scenes of Boulder - 4 Scenes
These checks are printed on 20% post-consumer PCF (Process Chlorine Free) recycled paper.

Order Custom Checks Order Custom Checks
Order Custom Checks  Order Custom Checks 

CU-Boulder Buffalo Checks

These checks are the standard design for CU-Boulder students with Buff One Banking. The design is also available to other members.

Order CU Buffalo Checks

Payment and Shipping

The amount of your order will be deducted from your Elevations checking account. Call for prices. For security purposes, all checks are shipped to the address printed on your checks, or you may request to have your order shipped to a shipped to a branch for personal pickup with valid ID.

Health Savings Accounts

Please call for new or re-ordered checks for your Health Savings Account.


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