Debit Card Rewards Programs

Rainbow Rewards

  • Get Up to 33% Cash Back

  • Give Back to Local Charities

  • Shop at Participating Local and Online Merchants

Rainbow Rewards is a group of businesses that believe in rewarding loyal customers and giving back to the community. As a thank you for shopping with these selected businesses, you receive Cash Back Rewards, and local charities receive donations.


  • Automatic Enrollment. If you have an Elevations credit card or debit card, you’re already enrolled.
  • Automatic Cash Back. Your purchases automatically trigger a Cash Back Reward when you use your Elevations Visa Card at participating businesses.
  • Airline Miles. Would you rather have airline miles than cash? Convert your Cash Back into Frontier Airlines EarlyReturns® miles by selecting this option when you redeem the balance in your account.
  • Local Charities. Your purchases at participating businesses trigger automatic donations from Rainbow Rewards to the United Way and local public school districts at no cost to you.