Pay Your Loan Bill


Thank you for getting your loan through Elevations Credit Union!

We understand that you might not have all your financial accounts with us. For your convenience, loan payments can be made using a non-Elevations checking account, savings account or credit card.

Non-Elevations account online payments are accepted here on the following types of loans:

  • Auto Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit
  • Personal and Secured Loans

Pay My Bill

Elevations account online payments can be made through online banking.

Loan payments are also accepted (from either Elevations or non-Elevations accounts):

  • At any of our branch locations
  • Call one of our Members Service Representatives: 800.429.7626*
  • Via Mail:
    Elevations Credit Union
    PO Box 9004
    Boulder, CO 80301

* Loan payments made over the phone are subject to a fee. Please visit our Fee Schedule for details.