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You've asked and we're listening! We're committed to bringing you the best possible digital experience and make managing your money easier. Below are the key enhancements and technology updates we've made!

2/2/17 - View your FICO® Score in Online Banking

Available in Online Banking
This new feature enables you to:

  • Have free online access to your recent FICO® Score
  • See the key factors that affected your FICO® Score
  • Read educational content about FICO® Scores, and financial health and more
Elevations will update your FICO® Score quarterly, and remember viewing your score will not impact it.

 Log in to view your score 


1/26/17 - Visa Checkout service added to all credit/debit cards

Available for all card holders

Visa Checkout makes it easier to complete your online purchase. Visa Checkout is available at a wide variety of retailers such as Walgreens, Staples, Best Buy and others.

You can speed through the online checkout experience with a single account that can be used across all your devices and with any Elevations credit or debit card.

Click, pay and safely be on your way! Look for the Visa Checkout button when you shop online and skip typing your info every time. All you have to do is:

  1. Click the Visa Checkout button
  2. Log in
  3. Confirm your purchase
That's it! Keep earning the card rewards you love, too.

 Enroll Now 

1/19/17 - Fraud Contact Info Link In Online Banking

Available in Online Banking
We've added a direct link to our Disputes and Fraud page in our Online Banking navigation. This will help you quickly get to the information you need if you discover you are experiencing any issues related to fraud.



12/6/16 - Send Money to another Member at Elevations

Available in Online Banking & Mobile Apps
In response to your feedback, we have launched another option to move money within Online & Mobile Banking: "Send Money to Member." This feature will allow you to transfer funds from your checking or savings account to another Elevations member's checking or savings account. There is no fee, and funds will appear immediately in the receiving member's account.



10/13/16 - External Transfers Are Now Free

Available in Online Banking
To keep on the trend of making our transfer options even better for you, we have removed the fees charged when using External Transfers (Account to Account). Using this service, you will no longer be charged $3 funds transferred out of Elevations or $10 for expedited transfers.
This makes all online banking transfers free for both POPMoney and External Transfers!



9/29/16 - More Transfer Information

Available in Online Banking & Mobile Apps
We now have the ability to provide helpful information when you transfer money from your Elevations account to a loan through the Move Money tool in Online and Mobile Banking. This transparency will provide you with the information you need to avoid common issues. 



9/15/16 - Facebook's Free Transfer Money Service

Available on Facebook
Did you know Facebook allows you to send/receive money with other Facebook users with their messenger app for free? Sending money with this tool can take up to 3 business days to complete, and can currently only be used with a debit card. Click here for more info. 


9/9/16 - Mobile Friendly "Apply for a Loan" & "Add a New Account" Applications

Available in Online Banking & Mobile Apps
We’ve made it even easier for you to apply for loans or add new accounts within Online and Mobile Banking.

     • Can be done on any device
     • Your information is pre-populated into the fields to help save time
     • Modifications have been made to shorten the application



8/4/16 - View Outside Accounts in Online Banking

Available in Online Banking
Did you know that you can view your outside bank accounts in your Online Banking dashboard?

Linking outside accounts is easy:
     • In Online Banking, go to the "Manage Money" tab and select "Account Overview"
     • In the left hand column enter the bank / CU you want to add


• Type in your username and password.


• Your linked account will now show up in Online Banking AND you will now be able to transfer funds to/from this account.

This is an effective tool to manage all of your accounts in one place, and offers an additional level of organization and convenience for our members!

8/2/16 - Apple Pay Available for Elevations Visa Cards

Available on compatible Apple mobile devices
Elevations proudly offers Apple Pay™ to make your transactions simpler, more secure and more private than ever before.

Now your Elevations' Visa is always with you. Apple Pay is available on iPhone 6 or later versions & Apple Watch devices, and it’s free to use, apart from any message or data rates specified in your wireless plan.

Once you’ve entered your cards into your phone’s Wallet® app, you’ll be able to make purchases at thousands of merchant locations. Apple Pay also lets you use your iPad Air® and iPad Mini™ 3 for online-only shopping within certain apps.

7/14/16 - FREE Next-Day POP Money Transfers

Available in Online Banking & Mobile Apps
In response to member feedback, starting today, all POP Money payments will be FREE (no $10 expedited fee).

Members can choose from 2 FREE OPTIONS:
     • Express / Next-Day payment ($2,000/day and $5,000 /month)
     • Standard / Delivered within 3-days ($5,000/day and $10,000/month)


6/2/16 - Stop Payment Optimization

Available in Online Banking
The Stop Payment feature, under products and services, has a new, more user friendly, interface. This will now allow you to select a single check or multiple checks. There is a $15 fee for the use of this service online (versus a $31 fee to do it in person at a branch).



5/19/16 - Bill Pay Indicators

Available in Online Banking
If you regularly use Elevations Bill Pay in your online banking account, you may have noticed a lightning bolt or check icon in the Payee tile. This indicated their payment will be sent electronically or by mailing a check. This feature can help you better determine how much of the advance a payment should be initiated – helping you avoid any late fees!


5/5/16 - Mobile Success Pages

Available in Mobile Apps
We have updated our "Success" pages that you see when transferring funds, submitting a bill pay, or conducting a mobile deposit. These success pages appear after completion of these 3 actions, providing you with additional information regarding your transaction.

These success pages provide you with a helpful set of tips and information that will help avoid any confusion after a transaction is complete.


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