School Employees


Work 9 Pay 12

Budgeting monthly expenses is hard enough when you get a paycheck every month of the year. If you have a job in education, you may need to spread nine paychecks out over 12 months, which requires extra effort.

Elevations can make budgeting easy when you follow these steps:

  • Setup direct deposit for 75% of your paycheck to go into a Checking Account. 
  • Budget your monthly expenses for this amount of money.
  • Setup direct deposit for 25% of your paycheck to go into one of the following accounts:

    • Membership Savings Account - This savings account is setup when you become a member of Elevations Credit Union and has a $25 minimum balance.
    • FlexTier Money Market Account - This account has a $2,000 minimum opening deposit but earns higher dividends than a savings account if you maintain $2,000 or more.
  • After nine months, transfer one-third of your saved funds into your checking account each month.

With this method of money management, you’ll have a consistent amount of money available in your checking account each month. And if you run into an unexpected expense, you’ll have money available in savings.