How We Protect You

Elevations Credit Union is dedicated to protecting your security and account information. We have installed the best of breed in security and intrusion software and firewalls to protect our members. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information.

Website and Online Banking Security

We have taken many precautions to ensure your personal banking information is secure when you bank online including, but not limited to:

  • Encryption – Our website homepage is protected using Verisign security. This security measure is in place so that you can be sure that our website is authentic and protected. Online Banking uses 128-bit secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption as well as many additional security procedures.
  • Usernames and Passwords – Online Banking requires strong usernames and passwords to protect your account. We recommend you choose passwords that would be difficult for others to guess. View our Online Banking FAQs for more information on usernames and passwords.
  • Multifactor Authentication – Online Banking uses an extra layer of security that asks you to validate yourself by sending yourself a text, email or phone message to validate yourself when you login using an unfamiliar computer.
  • Secure Email – All email you send to Elevations from the website or from within Online Banking is sent securely to protect your sensitive personal information. If you send us a question from within Online Banking, our Member Service Representatives will respond securely within the "Messaging" section of Online Banking. As a standard, our Member Service Representatives do not send personal information via non-secure email.

Personal Privacy

Trust is the foundation of our relationship with our members. Elevations Credit Union is committed to protecting the privacy of each member’s financial records consistent with federal and state laws. Read our privacy policy.

Elevations Credit Union Email Messaging

Elevations Credit Union will never ask you for any personal information including any account information or social security number via email. Email is a responsible way to deliver relevant product and service offers, regulatory information and rate updates, NOT to gather confidential member information.

Phishing and Scams

Our security team has systems in place that allow us to monitor suspicious activity. We gather forensic information on the scammer and build a profile of fraudulent parties with the intent towards prosecution.

What is Phishing?

Banks and credit unions are sometimes targeted for phishing scams through email, phone calls and text messages. Phish emails request the email recipient to link to a phony website and submit personal account information. Phish phone calls and text messages ask someone to give out their personal account information over the phone.

  • Definition of phishing (fish’ing) (n.) Also known as “Spoofing” – The act of sending an email, phone call or text message in an attempt to get the recipient to visit a fraudulent website or call center and enter sensitive personal information. to fool the recipient by mimicking a legitimate business. Any information collected by the phisher is then used to steal the recipient’s money or identity.

VISA Card Fraud Protection Program

Verified by VisaVerified by VISA Program is a new way to add safety when you buy online. Protect your existing Elevations Credit Union Visa card by creating a personal password as unique as you are. Verified by VISA helps ensure that only you can use your Visa card to buy online*. Register today! It takes just a few minutes to activate.

* At participating online stores

Authorization Name Matching

Authorization Name Matching is used to combat "Skimming" - one of the most prevalent forms of credit card / debit card fraud today. "Skimming" fraud takes many forms, but most often involves an unsuspecting person handing his/her card to a retail or restaurant employee, who then swipes the card through a small, illegal card reader a "skimmer". The skimmer then copies the data encoded on the card's magnetic stripe. The card is "cloned" and then used for fraudulent charges. The authorization name matching program matches your name on your card's magnetic stripe to what Elevations Credit Union has on record. If the information does not match up, the transaction will be declined.

Note: A transaction may be declined due to name formatting, merchant, or other types of errors. If you have a transaction wrongly declined or you have questions, please call Elevations Credit Union at 303.443.4672 or 800.429.7626

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