The Switch to Elevations Banking Systems is Complete


We are pleased to announce that the integration of St. Vrain Valley systems, products and services is now complete!



St. Vrain Valley VISA Credit Card Holders

If you have a St. Vrain Valley Credit Union credit card, you can access your credit card information here until the credit card integration is complete.

Please note that your credit card will continue to work with no disruptions and will not be converting to an Elevations Credit Union card at this point in time. Please stay tuned here for more updates and information about this upcoming conversion.

We're here to help! Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions 303.443.4672.

You now have:

Online Banking Login

The first time you log into Elevations' online banking, you'll use your new account number as the username. You do not need to enter the 0's that appear before your account number. So, if your account number looks like 00123456, enter in "123456". A one-time PIN was mailed to you in June. This PIN will be used to log into your online bank account for the first time. If you didn't receive a PIN, please visit an Elevations branch. or call us at 303.443.4672 or 800.429.7626.

Direct Deposit
Any direct deposit or automatic payments / withdrawals will need to be changed to your new Elevations account number and routing number. Please be sure to use the 13-digit account number in it's entirety.

Routing Number

EFT Account Number
Your EFT account number must be 13 digits long:


  • A = your 2-digit account suffix. Your suffix can be found on your statements or in Link24 Online Banking. Most checking accounts have a suffix of 08. Most membership savings accounts have a suffix of 00.
  • B = your 6-digit Elevations account number. If your account number is less than 6 digits, preceed it with zeros (0) until it becomes a 6 digit number.
  • For a St. Vrain Valley Credit Union account, your new account number will be the number "1" + your previous 6-digit account number (i.e. the last 7-digits of the EFT number listed above).

More Information about setting up your Elevations Direct Deposit


Below are resources that we've put together to help you through this transitional period:

Online and Mobile Banking User Guide and FAQs (PDF)

Integration Booklet (PDF)