Meet our leadership team.

Our member-elected Board of Directors and local leadership team guide Elevations to be a top Colorado credit union and a leader in the communities we serve.

Board of Directors

Picture of Board Chair Kate Brown

Kate Brown

Board Chair

Kate Brown was appointed to the Elevations Board in November 2015 and elected in 2016. Kate is the Founder and Presiden

Picture of Vice Chair Don Cheyne

Don Cheyne

Vice Chair

Don Cheyne joined the Elevations Board in 2011 following its merger with St. Vrain Valley Credit Union, where he served

Picture of Board Secretary Ray Martinez

Ray Martinez

Board Secretary

Ray Martinez was appointed to the Elevations Board in August 2014 and elected in April 2015. He also serves as chair of

Picture of Board Member Barbara Brohl

Barbara Brohl

Board Treasurer

Barbara Brohl was appointed to the Elevations Board in October 2019 and elected in May 2020. She also serves as a member

Picture of Board Member Natalie Baumgartner

Natalie Baumgartner

Board Member

Natalie Baumgartner was appointed to the Elevations Board in November 2015 and elected in April 2016. She also serves on

Picture of Board Member Carroll Beach

Carroll Beach

Board Member

Carroll Beach was elected to the Elevations Board in 2010 and served as chair from 2011 to 2014. He also serves on the G

Picture of Board Member Katie Cowan

Katie Cowan

Board Member

Katie Cowan was appointed to the Elevations Board in 2008 and elected in 2009. She also serves on the Audit and Risk Com

Picture of Board Member Todd Gleeson

Todd Gleeson

Board Member

Todd Gleeson joined the Elevations Board in 2012. He has been an Elevations Credit Union member since 1981. Todd also se

Picture of Board Member Nancy Herbert

Nancy Herbert

Board Member

Nancy Herbert has been a member of the Elevations Board since 2011 and served as chair from 2017 to 2019. She previously

Headshot of board member Garry Woods

Garry Woods

Board Member

Garry Woods was appointed to the Elevations Board in August 2020. Garry is currently a Partner and Executive Director

Leadership Team

Imagen del Presidente y Director Ejecutivo Gerry Agnes

Gerry Agnes

President & Chief Executive Officer

Gerry joined Elevations as its CEO in 2008. He directs the credit union’s strategic objectives, which focus on employee

Imagen del Consejero General Brian Holst

Brian Holst

General Counsel

As general counsel for Elevations Credit Union and its Board of Directors, Brian leads the credit union’s strategic and

Imagen del Director Financiero Michael Calcote

Michael Calcote

Chief Financial Officer

Michael serves as chief financial officer and is responsible for ensuring Elevations’ long-term financial sustainability

Imagen del Director de Información DuPré

Pete DuPré

Chief Information Officer

As chief information officer, Pete is responsible for developing and driving the implementation of Elevations’ technolog

Imagen del Director de Operaciones Ray Lindley

Ray Lindley

Chief Operating Officer

As chief operating officer, Ray directs all aspects of the credit union’s consumer, mortgage and business lending progra

Imagen del Director de Estrategia y Redimiento Pete Reicks

Pete Reicks

Chief Strategy and Performance Officer

Pete is responsible for directing Elevations’ strategic planning process, advancing enterprise business intelligence cap

Imagen de la Directora de Personas Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor

Chief People Officer

As chief people officer, Tammy leads the “people” strategy for Elevations Credit Union. She is responsible for aligning

Fotografía de Stephanie Camara-Ray

Stephanie Camara-Ray

SVP Credit Risk Management

Stephanie leads Elevations’ credit risk management teams, including residential, consumer and business underwriting, cre

Imagen de SVP Retail Network Kendal Harris

Kendal Harris

SVP Retail Network

Kendal leads Elevations’ retail and business banking teams. She is passionate about delivering amazing experiences for o

Imagen del SVP de Operaciones Gary Kindle

Gary Kindle

SVP Operations

Gary leads Elevations’ operations department. With his team, he manages the credit union’s functions and services, inclu

Liz Million Headshot Leadership Page

Liz Million

SVP Mortgage Lending

Elizabeth leads the mortgage sales team at Elevations with the core principle to serve and support credit union members.

As cooperative financial institutions, every credit union is owned equally by its membership. This membership also elects the credit union’s Board of Directors, which is comprised of representatives from its membership.

As elected advocates representing the membership, the Board of Directors is responsible for setting the vision and direction of Elevations Credit Union to expertly serve its members and provide high-quality financial services. Their duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Serving on committees and attending regular meetings as a Board to establish policy and business strategy 

  • Providing direction, feedback and counsel to the Chief Executive Officer, who is hired by and reports to the Board of Directors 

  • Reviewing financial, operational and regulatory performance 

  • Overseeing Elevations Credit Union’s progress toward its strategic goals and objectives

As Elevations Credit Union has grown and become more complex, there is an ever-growing level of responsibility and commitment of time and effort needed from the Directors, including a need for a higher commitment to training and education. The Board meets regularly in addition to participating in ongoing educational opportunities. The time commitment required of all Board Members is a minimum of 24 hours per month, with Board Officers generally expending significantly more than the minimum. For additional information regarding serving on the Board of Directors click here.

All applicants to the Board of Directors are subject to appropriate background screening and bondability requirements.

Are you interested in serving?

Please complete an application (PDF) and return via email by clicking here(Se abre en una nueva ventana).