What is the valuation process and where can I find resources to learn more?  

Colorado residential property values increased considerably during the most recent reappraisal period. To help clear possible confusion around the property valuation process, we've compiled information on key dates for assessments and resources for Colorado residential property owners.  

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Save and earn more with a certificate (CD)

The Elevations 7-month CD at 4.25% APY* and 13-month CD at 4.25% APY* are smart low-risk ways to save your money while earning more. With fixed terms and guaranteed returns, you can watch your savings grow over the term of your CD.

*Annual Percentage Yield. 


Are you buying a home in 2023?

We can make buying your Colorado home easy by partnering with you every step of the way. We’ll help you outline actionable financial steps to reach your homebuying goals, we can help give options on the type of home that fits your needs, help identify how much you can afford, determine the best mortgage rate available to you in Colorado, identify your down payment options and help you select a home loan.

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Kate Brown, Elevations member and board member founded Boulder Organic Foods , LLC in 2006.

Why join Elevations?

We invest in you and our Colorado community.

We offer the services you’ve come to expect from traditional banks, but unlike others, our profits are reinvested back into our neighbors and local businesses. When you choose to bank with Elevations, you choose a locally-grounded credit union with national reach. You choose a Colorado team who’s here to listen to your financial goals and help you reach them. Because like you, we’re invested in the future of our community.


We actively give back to the people and places we serve.

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More homebuying seminars are coming soon.

We’re committed to financial education and believe educated members make better financial decisions. That’s why we host dozens of seminars every year that are free and open to the public. We don’t have a homebuying seminar on our calendar right now, but you can access free financial education resources on our blog or browse other upcoming seminars.


Get from here to home with the mortgage lender who knows Colorado.

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Free Checking

Free checking that’s really free, with no minimum balance.

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Energy Loans

Financing for energy efficient and renewable energy upgrades.

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