Save for education like a bona fide smarty pants.

With rising tuition costs, it’s even more important to find investment vehicles for education that can enhance your savings. At Elevations, our team of CFS* Wealth Management Advisors can help you find smart savings options like a tax-advantaged 529 savings plan**.

Curious about 529 plans? A CFS Wealth Management Advisor can help you:

  • Decide which 529 plan is right for you

  • Choose from a variety of investment options

  • Assist with changing the account beneficiary or rolling over funds

  • Review your overall financial strategy for education savings

  • Understand estate planning advantages of 529s

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From tax benefits to estate planning advantages.

529 savings plans have a number of benefits:

  • Savings grows tax-deferred and withdrawals are tax-free when used to pay for qualified education expenses

  • 529 plans are offered on a state level; residents may get additional tax benefits

  • Anyone can open a 529 plan, regardless of income

  • Contribution limits are high — typically over $300,000

  • Funds can be reassigned to a different account beneficiary at any time

  • Estate planning advantages through accelerated gifting — a lump-sum gift is allowed of up to five times the annual gift tax exclusion amount

Start saving with these three steps.

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Pick your 529.

Our CFS Wealth Management Advisors are here to help. The first consultation is free for Elevations members.

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Estimate qualified expenses.

529s can have a wide use of funds, from college tuition, fees, room, board, books and supplies to student loan repayment or K-12 tuition. Our advisors can help you calculate an appropriate amount to save.

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Many 529s allow you to contribute as often as you like. We can help you with automatic monthly transfers.

Which 529 plan is right for me?

Because 529 savings plans are implemented at the state level and you can join any state’s plan, you have more than 50 options to choose from. Our CFS Wealth Management Advisors can support you as you select a plan and pick your investments.

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529 BLOG

How 529s work.

From details on the features of 529 plans to account mechanics, this blog explains the ins and out of these unique savings vehicles.



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**There are fees associated with 529 savings plans. Investments in 529s involve investment risks. You should consider your financial needs, goals, and risk tolerance prior to investing. More information about 529 plans can be found in the issuer’s official statement or plan disclosure document which should be read carefully prior to investing. Most 529 plans are sponsored and administered by states. State tax benefits vary among the states and some offer residents additional tax benefits if they invest in their own state plan. Consult a qualified tax professional for more information.