A culture of inclusion.

Work at a place where a culture of inclusion is more than words on a page. We’re committed to helping all our employees and our members feel welcomed, valued, respected and heard because diversity, equity and inclusion is who we are and how we do business.

How we define Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I):

Diversity An appreciation and respect of the differences across our community, and recognition that diversity allows us to move beyond the mere tolerance of difference, to understanding, appreciating and valuing difference. Equity Fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all people. Inclusion Promoting a culture and environment where all people feel welcomed and that they belong, are treated with respect, are given access to opportunities, and feel safe to contribute their ideas and concerns, as their full authentic selves.

A graphic with four words in circles: Welcomed, Heard, Valued, Respected. The circles are surrounding a heart with the word Included in the center
Elevations team members at a Pride event


Opportunities to learn, connect and grow.

What can you expect when it comes to DE&I at Elevations? As a main pillar of our organization’s strategic plan, DE&I is embedded in what we do and how we do it. Here’s a quick look:

  • Ongoing DE&I learning and development opportunities

  • Employee Resource Groups that connect employees through common interests and backgrounds

  • Employee-led Hispanic Council that builds relationships with our Hispanic community

  • Online innovation portal that every employee can contribute to

  • Defined short- and long-term goals to increase diversity across all levels of the organization to reflect the communities we serve

  • Annual equity analysis across pay, engagement and more to ensure holistic equity for all employees


Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion commitment in action.

At Elevations, we understand that this work is not just about our employees — it’s also about our members and our communities. Here are a few ways we put our commitment into action:

  • Sponsoring events that aim to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment, like the renaming of the City of Boulder’s Municipal Building for Boulder’s first African American Mayor, Penfield Tate II

  • Supporting Intercambio Uniting Communities(opens in a new window) since 2003 through volunteer time and over $130,000 in donations (with an additional $40,000 pledged through 2023) — we’re honored to support Intercambio’s efforts to create a welcoming environment for those immigrating to Boulder County through education, connection and cultural awareness, with an emphasis on teaching English

  • Supporting YWCA Boulder County(opens in a new window) since 2016 through volunteer time and more than $65,000 in donations to advance YWCA’s mission to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all

  • Supporting the LGBTQ+ community through participation in the Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce(opens in a new window), the Boulder County chapter(opens in a new window) (as a charter member), and Out Boulder County(opens in a new window) events

  • Supporting the Hispanic community through a variety of member resources including, bilingual staff who speak both Spanish and English, a telephony option for Spanish, the Elevations’ Spanish website, as well as offering our Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey in Spanish. Additionally, Elevations sponsors annual celebrations for Cinco de Mayo, Día de Los Muertos, and Latinx Fest

Elevations Mortgage team celebrates the Colorado REALTOR® Diversity & Inclusion Award

Elevations is one of the first ever winners of a Colorado REALTOR® Diversity & Inclusion Award. This honor is presented to community partners state-wide by the Colorado Association of Realtors® (CAR). Left to right: Ashley Reed - Mortgage Sales Development Manager (ECU), Ashley Wilson – Former Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director (ECU), Elizabeth Million - Senior Vice President Mortgage (ECU), Natalie Davis - Diversity & Inclusion Chair and Chair-Elect (Colorado Association of Realtors®).

Colorado Association of Realtors logo

Honored to be recognized.

Colorado REALTOR® Diversity & Inclusion Award

In 2021, Elevations became one of the first-ever winners of a Colorado REALTOR® Diversity & Inclusion Award. This honor is presented to community partners state-wide by the Colorado Association of Realtors® (CAR), which is the state’s largest real estate trade association representing nearly 30,000 members statewide. The association supports private property rights, equal housing opportunities and is the “Voice of Real Estate” in Colorado. The specific honor recognizes organizations such as title insurance companies, lending companies and financial institutions for their outstanding work to further diversity and inclusion within the real estate industry.

Honored to be recognized.

Denver Business Journal Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award

In 2022, Elevations was recognized by Denver Business Journal as one of the first- ever winners of their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award. The award honors both organizations and individuals in metro Denver making a difference by intentionally working toward equality in all areas of diversity, including disability, age, gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and religion. Nominees were reviewed by a panel of DE&I experts and scored based on several criteria including achievements, impact on the community, the reason for their nomination, and what sets them apart.

Denver Business Journal Diversity Equity and Inclusion trophy

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